Welcome to Pier 424 Seafood Market & Restaurant

When you dine at Pier 424 Seafood Market & restaurant in the French Quarter, select from all of the freshest fare-fresh fish, oysters, lobsters and boiled seafood -offered at our restaurant in favorite New Orleans dishes.

Come see us at Pier 424 and learn why we pride ourselves on the highest quality ingredients, from seasonal ripe citrus and crisp herbs, to local seafood, delivered fresh daily. While we are thrilled to accommodate those who love a good Seafood Platter, we also offer signature dishes like Spicy Crawfish Lettuce Wraps and Frog Legs to enjoy with refreshing spirits while sitting on our covered balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. Check out our seafood restaurant menu to see our list of dishes, or select your own fish from our Seafood Market, and we'll cook it to order, right then and there.

Whether you like your seafood boiled, stacked, baked, fried, grilled or seared, we have a wide variety of fresh choices ​ranging from alligator and oysters to ahi tuna. Whatever “floats your boat”, we aim to please…Seafood is our middle name.

Join us at Pier 424 Seafood Market, the “Best Catch on Bourbon”, for a refreshing twist on a New Orleans seafood restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter.

Bring Fresh Seafood to the Heart of New Orleans

From our name alone you can tell that we are committed to providing the freshest seafood in New Orleans. We are also conveniently located in the heart of the French Quarter, right on Bourbon Street.

Whatever taste you are looking for, if it is seafood, you’ve come to the right place! With a hearty combination of classic favorites – Crab Cakes, Charbroiled Oysters, Boiled Shrimp – and some original creations – Oyster Pasta, Spicy Crawfish Lettuce Wraps, and our impressive Seafood Tower – we have the perfect seafood dish for everyone!

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424 Bourbon Street, New Orleans
(504) 309-1574

Pier 424 Seafood Market

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Pier 424 Seafood Market
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